Double-banana plug to USB Type A adapter - featured

Double-banana plug to USB Type A adapter

The Double-banana plug to USB Type A adapter is a simple PCB adapter that allows USB devices to be connected to test equipment (e.g. to a Bench Power Supply) with double-banana jacks:

  • Accepts Banana plugs with Threaded M3 Studs
  • Accepts 9-pin USB Type A female connectors
  • PCB traces designed to support around 2.5A when using 1oz/ft² copper thickness
  • Banana plugs are spaced ¾ inch apart (19.05 mm) – measured from center to center of each individual plug

Parts list

Ref Description Qty Value Part number
Pomona 4mm Banana Plug with Threaded M3 Stud 2 [ Newark 34P0013 ]
Molex USB 3.0 Type A receptable, 9-Pin 1 [ Newark 29X4579 ]
R1 (optional) Resistor 0603[1608] 1 22 to 200 ohm [ Newark 28K0539 ]


Double-banana Plug to USB Type A adapter schematic

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