Double-banana plug to USB Type A adapter - featured

Double-banana plug to USB Type A adapter

The Double-banana plug to USB Type A adapter is a simple PCB adapter that allows USB devices to be connected to test equipment (e.g. to a Bench Power Supply) with double-banana jacks:

  • Accepts Banana plugs with Threaded M3 Studs
  • Accepts 9-pin USB Type A female connectors
  • PCB traces were designed to support around 2.5A when using 1 oz/ft² copper thickness
  • Banana plugs are spaced ¾ inch apart (19.05 mm) – measured from center to center of each individual plug

PCB available to order at OSH Park

Parts list

Ref Description Qty Value Part number
Pomona 4mm Banana Plug with Threaded M3 Stud 2 [ Newark 34P0013 ]
Molex USB 3.0 Type A receptable, 9-Pin 1 [ Newark 29X4579 ]
R1 (optional) Resistor 0603[1608] 1 22 to 200 ohm [ Newark 28K0539 ]


Double-banana Plug to USB Type A adapter schematic

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