Smart Modular Watering System using Blynk

In a fast growing world of things connected to the Internet, you will find a lot of projects focused on making us lazy automation. Well, this is no exception!. The Smart Modular Watering System uses the SparkFun Blynk Board – ESP8266 with the Blynk app to connect to the Internet of Things.

Its main purposes are to water the plants automatically at the right moment and to monitor the level of the water reservoir. It also let users monitor some useful data using the Blynk app like the UV index, current soil moisture, temperature and humidity.

The Blynk app also allow users to change some parameters, like the watering interval, watering duration, some thresholds and more.

Blynk app for the Smart Modular Watering System

Blynk app for the Smart Modular Watering System

With some effort, more features can be added to the watering system, like using the UV sensor data to stop watering the plants at night. More modules can be added too -there is plenty or room for improvement-.

This project started as an idea for the IoT For Everyone! contest, and thanks to our friends at SparkFun, I was one of the 50 lucky winners to get a Blynk board — pre-flashed with Blynk!.

So here it is, the Smart Modular Watering System and the project repository on GitHub if you want to find more information.

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  1. Earl Hicks
    Jan 12, 2019 at 8:04 pm

    Hi Luis, I left a message for you via the Hackster website. I’d like to know if you are available to help me with some of your coding from your Remote Home Monitoring project.

    • Luis M.
      Feb 1, 2019 at 2:59 am

      Hello Earl, left you a message on hackster.


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